Mission Statement

“At Legacy Fire Safety 2.0, we are committed to safeguarding communities by delivering exceptional fire safety services. Our seasoned team of professionals, equipped with industry-leading knowledge and technology, work tirelessly to provide comprehensive fire safety solutions. We foster lasting relationships with our clients, ensuring their peace of mind by maintaining a safe and compliant environment. Through continuous learning and improvement, we strive to set new standards of excellence in fire safety, making a significant impact in protecting lives and assets across the Metro Vancouver area”.

Meet the Team

Tom Brezina

Tom Brezina, a seasoned Registered Fire Protection Technician, has built an illustrious career spanning nearly two decades in the fire safety domain, specializing in special suppression and fire sprinkler systems. His journey began as a Lead Technician at Legacy Fire & Safety Inc., where he honed a diverse array of skills across multiple disciplines including backflow technology.

Transitioning to Phoenix Fire and later to Community Fire as a Senior RFPT, Tom significantly broadened his technical and leadership vistas. At Community Fire, he took on a pivotal role in training teams for complex inspections of multi-family mixed-use high-rise buildings throughout metro Vancouver. His meticulous approach and adept training skills not only enhanced the competence of the teams but also made him a customer favorite, often being requested by name for his trusted expertise.

In June 2022, a significant milestone was marked as Tom co-founded Legacy Fire Safety 2.0 Ltd., stepping into the role of General Manager. Stationed at 19248 94th Ave Surrey, he now channels his extensive experience towards modernizing and enhancing the service offerings of Legacy Fire Safety 2.0. His strong technical expertise coupled with his leadership skills has afforded him the opportunity to undertake successively progressive roles over the years, and has established him as a natural mentor to junior team members, fostering a culture of continuous learning and excellence.

Tom’s co-ownership of Legacy Fire Safety 2.0 Ltd. not only denotes a full circle to his initial days at Legacy Fire & Safety Inc., but also symbolizes his enduring dedication to elevating fire safety standards within Surrey and beyond. His customer-centric approach, technical mastery, and unwavering commitment to community safety make Tom a pivotal asset to the Legacy Fire Safety 2.0 Ltd. team, ensuring a legacy of trust, safety, and quality service delivery in the fire safety sector.

Wayne Doucette

With a rich career spanning over two decades, Wayne’s expertise resides at the crossroads of technical proficiency, educational mentorship, and strategic business development within the fire safety and security systems sectors. Wayne’s foundational journey began as an Electronics Technician, which blossomed into a passion for sharing knowledge. This led him to instructional roles at The University of British Columbia and the British Columbia Institute of Technology, where he imparted crucial industry knowledge on network security and electronics.

Transitioning into the corporate realm, Wayne embarked on a fulfilling journey with the Mircom Group of Companies, evolving through roles in Project Management, Service Management and New Construction Sales. Here, he led initiatives to enhance product and service deliverables and managed a robust $2.4M service sales division.

Wayne’s subsequent position as a Business Development Manager at Community Fire Prevention further honed his skills in strengthening distribution networks over a fruitful five-year tenure.

Now, as a proud partner at Legacy Fire Safety 2.0 Ltd., Wayne is channelling his extensive experience towards executing a brand re-launch aimed at modernising processes and augmenting service offerings. This pivotal role allows him to reinforce the enduring commitment to nurturing customer relationships, ensuring top-tier service delivery, and upholding the legacy of excellence that Legacy Fire Safety has established since the 1980’s. Through this endeavour, Wayne is wholeheartedly dedicated to steering Legacy Fire Safety 2.0 Ltd. towards a future filled with innovation, customer satisfaction, and adherence to the highest standards of fire safety in the industry.

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We have generous salary and benefit packages with guaranteed 40 hours full-time work including extended health and dental benefits, company vehicle, gas card, laptop and mobile phone.

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Our service portfolio provides opportunities to work in many novel customer sites with plenty of opportunities to interact face-to-face with customers, as well as interesting troubleshooting challenges to solve.

CULTURE of Continual Improvement

The Legacy Fire team strives to exceed our own exceptions and we help others do the same.