Fire Safety Inspections:

Annual, quarterly and monthly inspection of:

  • Fire Alarm
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Extinguishers
  • Exit Lights
  • Sprinkler

Ask us about our FLEX scheduling for a cost-effective Fire Safety inspection at your small business!

Full Service Fire Sprinkler Maintenance and Repairs:

  • Dry Sprinkler System Winterization
  • Backflow Assembly Testing and Repairs
  • Construction Site Portable Backflow Repairs and Certification
  • 3-Year Full Trip
  • Sprinkler Head Sample Testing
  • 5-Year Internal Inspections
  • Fire Department Connection Hydrostatic Test
  • Sprinkler Standpipe Hydrostatic Testing
  • Fire Pump Testing and Repairs
  • PRV Testing and Repairs
  • Fire Hydrant Inspections & Repair

Environmentally Friendly Aerosol Fire Suppression

Ask us about our cost-effective, environmentally sustainable drop-in replacement for any clean agent system.

Enclosure Integrity Test Specialists per NFPA 2001 Appendix C

Distributors of Environmentally Sustainable Fire Suppression Alternatives

Fire Blankets

In-home, commerical, industrial and Electric Vehicle-size 100% fibreglass flameproof reusable fire blankets. Travel, Home and Kitchen, Camping and BBQ Safety:

In-house Fire Extinguisher Refill and Test Facility

  • ABC Dry Chemical 6 Year Maintenance
  • ABC Dry Chemical Hydrostatic Test
  • ABC Dry Chemical Refill
  • Water Extinguishers
  • CO2 Extinguishers
  • K-Class Kitchen Fire Extinguishers

Fire Safety Plans

  • New plans and Updates
  • Construction Fire Saftety Plans

Installation, Upgrades and Maintenance Replacements

Ask about our Fire Alarm Panel Upgrades and Elevator Modernization projects!

–We offer full service engineered design and installation of fire alarm systems.